September 28, 2007

That meal was ridiculously good in a wonderful old hotel, a little scruffy and laid back but wow, were they serious about the food. The best lapin I’ve ever tasted (and I’m mad about the stuff) cooked in prunes, sublime duck with a green pepper sauce, chevre ice cream – that was amazing. Never had anything like that before, fabulous smoked herring, wonderful vegetables and prune everything for dessert, which only Alan and I could manage – one feels a certain responsibility in these circumstances to try ones best! It completely reassured me about French regional cooking which I thought had become mired down in traditional intransigence. No folks, there are naughty creative people down here doing shocking things to food. God bless them. Here’s hoping that our friends in the cardio/thoracic fraternity back in Auckland are sharpening their wits and their tools in anticipation.

Today we get on the canal boat. We went down to the Canal HQ yesterday and gave some rather strident Australians a hand getting tied up and got enough information from them to get fairly excited.

Must go and sort stuff out. A bien tot


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